Customer Feedback

We all find little “suprises” when we return to our cars - even if we take the time to park out of the way! When this happens I call Octavian at Accucolors. His service is prompt AND of the best quality. He has always left my car looking new again.”

- Dr. Jason Richardson

“I have worked with Accucolors for years. Their work is nothing short of amazing. Their ability to turn around a project quickly and flawlessly never ceases to impress me. A very personable team who are always willing to work  shoulder-to-shoulder with a client.”

- Anastasia Cardone

“Accucolors gets the job done! They were very professional and gets work done in a timely manor. They were very honest with my quote and had great customer service. Most importantly, they did amazing work on my car! 5 star service.”

- Christopher Brown

“The Accucolors team truly provide quality work paired with excellent service.  If you love your vehicle as much as I do, this should be your first and last stop to keep your ride looking as good as you love it.”

- Eric Camerino, motoring enthusiast and lover of the finer things in life

“Accucolors did an outstanding job repairing some bumper damage on my Saab.  It looks as good as new and it was a lot less expensive than the typical body shop.  I’d highly recommend them for your car body repair needs!”

- Brian Houlihan

“We have been using Accucolors as a vender for the past four years and it has been nothing but good service and quality. They will go out of their way to make the customer satisfied. So, if your looking to get your car painted or use them as a vender, then check them out.”

- Davon Brown

“Octavian is a stellar painter and a professional above all else. After a casual conversation with him about his hobby, I realized how passionate someone must be about painting cars to do it all day for a career and then go home and do it in his free time. A true perfectionist! Highly recommended.”

- Chase Collier

“I worked with Accucolors, and could not believe the work they could do. Literally, they would take a mess and make it perfection! I trust them enough that I let them work on my own car and every time it comes out flawless. Whenever someone needs work done, I recommend Accucolors!”

- Kristen Levy

“Octavian was a pleasure to work with. He made sure I got right into the shop and they were extra accommodating with my schedule. I had a dent and some paint messed up from a pole and you would never be able to tell anymore. They did such a great job!”

- Alise Post